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Passion for beauty and quality

At Justbeauty & Shop, we share a passion for beauty and quality. Our founder, Justine, known as “Majust,” is a dedicated woman who expresses her love for beauty and hair care through our company.


Our mission is to help women around the world accentuate their beauty and boost their confidence. We listen attentively to our customers and strive to meet their needs.

Our background

Why should black women, in particular, put their trust in natural and organic cosmetics? Scientific studies have shown that black skin ages more slowly than other skin types. Its high production of melanin protects it from the harmful effects of the sun and considerably delays skin ageing.

I trained as an engineer in biotechnology and pharmacy, and I work in the pharmaceutical industry. Originally from Cameroon, and now living in Germany, I’ve always had a passion for beauty. Passionate about natural skin care, I decided to create the ‘JUSTBEAUTY’ laboratory to promote black skin. I’m aware that some “BEAUTY” women deliberately damage the jewel in their crown (black skin) because of the phenomenon of depigmentation, which is increasing day by day. I therefore decided to contribute my expertise, not only by informing my “BEAUTYS” about the use of these products, which contain toxic substances that are harmful to health, but also by offering and marketing natural and organic products that provide a specific treatment for each problem and, above all, without side effects.

Our products are formulated by myself and sent to partner laboratories for manufacture. As a quality engineer, I’m very familiar with the manufacturing process and product control, and I can reassure you that we comply with the strictest standards.

At the Justbeauty Laboratory, you’ll find 100% natural products suitable for all skin types.

Our ethos is to restore radiance to the skin without damaging it. Hence the slogan “Justbeauty – the laboratory that honours natural beauty”.

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